Imagine a world where everyone took the time to enjoy the tiniest pleasures of life. The dew on the morning grass, a smile from a stranger, a giggle from a child, the shape of clouds on a sunny day, the fresh breeze on your face, the texture of wood, the way the trees shift in the wind, the wonderful scents coming from soup cooking on the stove, snapping beans on the back porch, sitting awhile and watching the world go by, the smell of coffee in the morning, a hug from someone you love, wet sand between your toes, painting something beautiful, and for me, the smell of fresh air after it rains in Alabama. Imagine the world if all students took art and music in schools....

When you look at my paintings I hope you imagine a different time and place and a warm fuzzy feeling washes over you and you smile. And you are Happy. There is something about being near water, whether it is a lake, a stream, the is peaceful and calming and of course, beautiful, especially at sunset. 

When I was very young we visited Alabama every summer to see my Dad's family in Cordova, a tiny, tiny town in Walker County, about 90 minutes from Birmingham. I loved going to Alabama. Everyone in Cordova knew who I was because I looked just like my Dad. I was so impressed with my small self, hearing "you must be Rodney's baby girl" everywhere I went. I had no idea how small Cordova was, no idea... My grandma's yard had a creek where I played in the cool water with all kinds of creepy crawly things; and she had a screened in porch where I could nap and play and listen to the crickets and bullfrogs. She also made the very best biscuits and gravy. I never wanted to leave Alabama...those memories stayed with me. I moved to Alabama when I was 24 and I lived there for about 23 years. It will always be home to me. I try to get back to visit whenever possible. Many of my paintings feature beautiful southern scenery. 

And living in Alabama, I had to become a football fan. ROLL TIDE!