I used to sit in a small stuffy office all day and dream about a day when I could sit by the ocean and hear the crash of the waves and feel the fresh salty breezes on my face; and dig my toes into cool wet sand and stare at beautiful blue green waves...and wonder if I could ever capture those colors, and the movement of the waves on canvas...

Many years later, I am retired from that stuffy accounting job, living by the ocean, painting my dreams in a little surfing town north of San Diego. 

And I painted some while I was in the accounting field, but it was slow going. Now, I'm free to paint at will, and have discovered those waves are really a rainbow of colors, as is the sky. And I love the ocean best, when it is unusual soft taupe -ish colors and the sky is all foggy with marine layers and soft and blends into the sea and becomes one soft mushy pillow with sun streaks throughout...my next painting.

And if you're wondering how an accountant becomes an artist, well, she takes classes...and I learned from the best in southern California- Michael Hallinan of Laguna Beach. Check him out @Michaelhallinanart on instagram. Any improvement to my art is his fault. Also, I have my Mom to thank for making me think I could always do or be anything in the world. I have the world's best Mom. Thank you Mom. Love you. Also, many of my aunts and my uncle have the gift for painting so we have talent in the family. And my Dad could draw as well. I am very blessed with wonderful genes and a great teacher, for which I am so very grateful. 

Dreamy Quote By Me:  Dream.  Never give up on your dreams. Ever.
A Favorite Dreamy Quote: Their eyes met, locked, became wistful, and dreamy and beautiful. F. Scott Fitzgerald

P. S. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at [email protected]